Tansy Hargan is a British artist based in Sheffield, U.K.  In spite of her professional background in architecture and landscape architecture, sketching and textiles have been her principle media for over 20 years.     

“My work is the result of a long-term critical observation of landscapes and ecological processes.   I explore urban and rural places with my sketchbook, making brisk marks and colour blocks to simplify and record snapshots of what I experience.  Repetition and annotation are important parts of my practice, both in helping me see and understand concepts and typologies and as a way of generating multiple compositions for distinct bodies of work.  My mixed media palette is an allusion to the materials and mechanisms of landscape: it is layered and adapted, diverse and inventive.  I deconstruct old garments to harvest high quality fabrics, which I combine with utility textiles and commercial by-products, such as tailors’ waste.  My methods mimic geophysical activity, as I alter reclaimed textiles by staining, bleaching, scraping, scoring, and slashing.  My work develops in stages, with layers added and taken away repeatedly, and traces of past iterations visible through and between subsequent veils and fibres.”